1. Blue Bells Of Scotland
  2. I Thought About You
  3. Courente in D Minor
  4. Ananas Africain
  5. Jimmy Fell Off The Wagon
  6. Down In The Willow Garden
  7. Spring Break
  8. Gypsy Playland
  9. Backin' Playwards
10. Ruben's Train
11. Cherokee
12. Imrovisation No. 1
13. Joyful Variations
14. Original Solo
15. Song For Meghan
16. Ave Maria
  1. You Are My Flower
  2. Puerto Rican Love Song
  3. Glen Rock
  4. Lost Highway
  5. Cochichando
  6. Were You There
  7. F5 Riddle Blues
  8. Constant Lowdown
  9. Moonlight In Vermont
10. Hattie & Jenelle
11. The North Shore
12. Old Dangerfield
13. Untitled Original
14. The Old South
15. Blues For Vassar
ACD 62
Various Artists

Tone Poets (ACD-62), a unique 2-CD set from Acoustic Disc founder David Grisman, assembles a stellar cast of mandolinists and guitarists, all performing on the same vintage 1922 Gibson F-5 mandolin and 1933 Martin OM-45 guitar-revealing sonic secrets that only master musicians know. Tone Poets is a companion piece to the highly acclaimed Tone Poems projects, exploring the unique relationship between musician and instrument.

The 42 Tone Poets heard on the double discs (Solos and Duos) include David Bromberg, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, John Jorgenson, Mike Marshall, Ronnie & Del McCoury, Tony Rice, Andy Statman, Bryan Sutton, Tim O'Brien, Frank Vignola, Chris Thile, Frank Wakefield and the Dawg himself.

This special package includes a 28-page color booklet of photos and notes. Tone Poets is a sonic masterpiece, recorded over a four-year period, utilizing the same two instruments, microphones and recorded directly to the same 2-track analog tape machine. Tone Poets is as pure as music can be.

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